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The Kindness Of Automatic

To respect all that was good and decent that was once inspired we must work equally hard and long on that which inspires us ourselves. Sleep is the deadly interruption of ambition. We must come to despise its sneaking invasion of our ever shortening hours.

Do not spend more time on the prescribed syllabus of crap than is necessary. If it is bullshit and it appears in a text book then say it is bullshit.

A moment comes when we must not agree with those that would appear to be wiser than ourselves. Always speak up. Do not be bullied.

Things would be better if we were all a bit less scared of using the word BOLLOCKS in an essay. Spend more effort on things that can be improved and done well.

Do not mistake challenges that you are avoiding from the pointless games of the ever present suits who twist the strings of wisdom in silly money driven ways.

Do better at doing better and walk away from that which is poorly presented and poorly taught. Try if you can to inspire others but do not mix up idealism and inspiration. Be critical but use this as a tool to get to a simple and better picture and not as a mechanism for berating others.

Figure out just the right amount of cynical attitude VS contribution. Encourage creation because those that are inspired in a similar fashion will plant new things in the places where we may not go ourselves.

This is my suggested medication for making motorcycles and things that are 3D printed and things that are milled. The police will pursue your creations. You will be fined. Academia will ask you to jump around like a monkey. Mostly just ignore it all because in the end the race is really just with yourself.

You will on occasion just have to STFU and let the jibbering heads generate more confusion than you ever imagined was possible.

Accept that you know very little. Accept that learning more wont help this.

The Things That Move Us