Rockets For Kids

I have been thinking for a bit about how cool it would be to start a proper rocket program for kids.

It would be school and project based as part of [physics//science] programs and at the end of each year teams from each [school//community] would be assembled together on a designated rocket range to test the results.

And when I say rockets I don’t mean some wimpy little A-class stuff.

I mean something that would carry an Ardunio sized payload and a sensor pack and achieve some clear markable objective.

Parents and communities would be encouraged to become involved.

Clear project goals would be set. Payload goals. Time to height and alt goals.

Key certified components would be supplied like motors and launch equipment with flight hardware and appropriate certification by CASA for launch areas.

One of the goals would be to take a broad range of kids from all over Australia and ship them all to a proper rocket range for a week.

The program would not be elite and a key objective would be to setup an organization to manage the launch area and supply hardware.

I want that one smart kid stuck in whoop-whoop somewhere to have the chance to build and launch something AND get recognition for it.

Given the cost of control hardware and D class motors I think this is possible.

To get to the launch site and be ‘Go’ for a lauch schools and kids involved in the program would need to pass specified ‘Go-No-Go’ steps just like a real test program.

Things like :

– Aeroshell components assembled and tested
– Payload components assembled and tested

Ideally various engineering bodies and organisations like CASA would be involved and kids would be getting credits/rpl towards science scores etc. Adults involved could apply to get pyrotechnics and range handling certification.

Good idea? Bad idea?

2 thoughts on “Rockets For Kids

    1. Thinking about it. Motivator yes. But not really prepared yet for millions of little snot covered noses.

      But it is in my tea leaves somewhere. We need to get off this rock. And we need to be developing ideas to give kids access to *hardware* to develop the proper cognitive

      I think Education system here is a barren directionless waste land that produces a lot of year 12 methods kids who have never *created* anything.

      Creation drives economies. Don Mcullen or whatever his name was ) can stick his ‘end to the back yard Kiwi myth’ thing where the sun is darkest :p

      No statistics to back this just observation.

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