Day Ten

The water tank at Mt Franklin was low so I decided to hike the two minor seasonal river sources on the north side of the mountain.

While I am doing this trip I am thinking a lot about SSE and the environment.

They were just small lines on the map but I went to see regardless.

The first turned out to be dry and the cut from it just ran down the side of the mountain in to a dry marsh bed. In season it would be deep but not much to look at. At this point in March however water should be flowing here. But it isn’t. I need to see this with my own eyes.

Saw some Wallaby.

Was amazed as I circled cfa tracks to see tall pine up in the branches of other tall pine. They just flow down the mountain side and all stack up. But these were dry and had been stacked up for long time gone.

walked back up mountain following Kookaburra laughing from tree to tree.

Looked at map again. Decided to try for the other mark on the map hoping it woukd different to first one.

Turned out to be really interesting.

Half way down the mountain off the tracks in the bush I found an elaborate stone circle. In the center was a hearth. Could not decide if this was first people or scouts or some such. It was very impressive to suddenly come across it in the bush anyway.

Apparently the first people do make circles just like this only generally smaller. Some papers exist about them in Victoria but have not read through them yet. Could be for teaching or cultural groups maybe.

I walked further down the mountain picking through mostly blocked cfa access cuts. Masses of fallen tree trunks laying over the paths.

Looking on the map I was sure I had found the right place but alas no gully or stream.

I sat down to eat some lunch and as I was eating a tree began to fill with some sort of big pigeon.

Watched curiously.

Suddenly they began to make a threat noise and two more raced in to the tree. Then silence.

Then over from the field on my left drifted a hawk his shadow was ghosting on the ground.

I am thinking, ‘Everyone be quiet now!’

The hawk swooped over the tree and perched in a taller tree behind it.

I could just see his eye looking down and sideways.

Then someone in the tree lost the plot.

‘Burk! Burk! Burk!

Bam! Hawk was straight in and the silly fool was lunch.

I saw what I think were his legs kicking as the hawk swooped off.

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  1. dinna for raptor an family I guess, glad to be able to follow yr progress now. What happened to the otha part of the mixotricha with the clock parts and cool metal stuff on it? I might pass this on to “th family” such as it is…

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