Day 13

Right so today I am going to ride out to hwy and then to whatever town is closer. Pretty sure it will be Wedderburn. My plan is to charge phone and order tires in to post office.

This means I will be stuck in Gabyln for a bit. 

Without the cart I whizz down the hwy. Just want to sort this out. Not worried about conserving fuel or the scenery at this point. I also need water. I have just about used up my ten liters. Covrr the 30k to Wedderburn.

Go in to post office. Lady gives me post office details but also suggests they have a dunlop tire center.

Handy. Yes indeed they do all sorts of wheels. No he has none in stock but he can ring a friend of a friend.

So I spend the day in Wedderburn. I park my bike outside the dunlop shop and gradually stack up a pile of supplies. Food. Water. Petrol.

At some point the local patrol pulls past and he does a double take at my bike. But you know it is fitted with the restriction kit and fully complies with the intent of the law.

He then goes and parks hopefully in the park across the road and watches. I keep going and returning with more stuff. Quite what he expects me to do I am not sure. Perhaps a burnout with all of my supplies and then a jump over a flower bed?

Anyway gets to about 3PM. I see the cop is gone but another patrol car is parked at the turn off to the Calder Hwy.

I find this all very obvious and entertaining.

My tires arrive. They are all old or stretched but in a pinch this will get me through. Thank the Dunlop man as he has just saved my butt.

I spend the next 30 minites or so hanging stuff all over the bike putting it my pack and hanging stuff off every available spot I can find. I have stocked up on a bunch of stuff and I am going to be going nowhere quickly.

I heave myself on to bike tires hanging off my bag. Four liters of water in a tank strapped to my chest. I muzt look like some sort of human shopping basket.

Then I very carefully pedal out and cross over the road and make my turn off on to the Calder. Policeman does not follow me. His car is empty. Must have got bored.

I decide this is really a rather nice day and I like the challenge so I decide to pedal the whole 30k back to the campsite.

At some point the first patrol car I saw passes me going the other direction.

I am bent over looking at my front wheel and nothing else. Sweat is dripping off the tip of nose on to the tire. This is a long slow climb and you know with the motor yiur always dragging a tiny bit of clutch and the weight of that other chain.

Patrol car comes back this time right next to me. He slows for a bit. I am not sure what law he is hoping I will break. Maybe I will suddenly do a wheelie with my enormously powerful 200W motor and fly away.

I can tell by the way that he whizzes off that my full compliance with the law has probably wasted several hours lf his day and left him unsatisfied with the unfinished blue helmeted potential of my unusual vehicle that might otherwise have been.

This results in a deep grin on my face which I keep for the rest of the day.