Sabre Cycle


General sketches suggesting how to contemplate the Sabre cycle principle. Basically this is all about Turbo Pumps and Compressors. How do you combine a high flow rocket engine with a low flow ambient compressor. You can start to contemplate complete cast blocks with the rocket chamber portion at one end. Will be drawing one of these in the entirety shortly. Least anyone thinks I just wanted to copy some tired old F-1 design. We are well beyond that now but …. physically have to begin somewhere ….

Really all the problems … are production problems … should completely not at all think about these problems like our grand parents .. this complex … . multi component carrying .. .bolted together .. masterfully welded … kaboodle .. .. So the F1B is down to less than 200 parts .. or so they claim ….

It is still a motor from the 60’s …