OpenFoam vs Fluent

So I am taking a look today at the various CFD options. I’ve looked around to see who is using what software. Basically it would seem to me the people doing real engineering and actually building things are using a variety of solutions. Some of which I have never heard of. I just assumed everyone was using ANSYS but it would seem not.

Copenhagen Suborbital – Solid Works / Open Foam

XCOR Aerospace –

Space X – Ansys

JPL – Whole bunch of things including ANSYS.

Also it would seem my ideas about hypersonic combined flow system. Precooling. Non direct coupled impellers. Piston pumps. Pretty much all of it is right on the bleeding edge where I should be. Rather satisfying to contemplate these ideas and to then realize this work is actually being done.

Also taking a good look at the X15 engine.

X15 Engine